5 Inexpensive, Profanely Simple Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality At Home

Oftentimes, we take the act of breathing for granted and forget that what we breathe inside our own homes is not always as clean and clear as the air outside. Sometimes what we think we know about outside pollutants and chemicals can cause us to remain indoors, because we think we’re sparing our lungs by doing so. But now that we know that such thinking is, at best, faulty, we can take measures into our own hands on improving our indoor air quality.

5 Insanely Simple Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality — Breathe Better Today!

So how can we improve the quality of the air we breathe in our homes? Well, here are 5 extremely important tips to help you clean up the interior air at home without going too crazy. The steps themselves are, for the most part, simple and easy to execute and with minimal equipment to purchase and use, making these air quality improvements truly a cinch to accomplish.

Knowing these things is the first part of the IAQ improvement process; implementing them is the next. Some of these ideas will seem so “common sense” once you read them, you may have an “ah ha” moment to yourself and wonder why you didn’t think of them to begin with.

  1. Open your windows.

A simple act as opening the window to allow fresh air into your home might seem like a counter-intuitive step but it actually allows all that open air to circulate inside your home while also allowing any stale or allergen laden air inside to escape. Low cost and effective.

  1. Purchase several houseplants.

This also seems like a no-brainer, but the simplicity of nature is luchtkwaliteit meten in huis what every home needs to have better air quality. Plants ‘inhale’ carbon dioxide and other pollutants and ‘exhale’ oxygen, which we all obviously need. This gift of nature purifies the air around us and makes breathing that much easier. In addition, you are building your ‘green thumb’ cred.