How to Know If Men’s Slim Fit Dress Shirts Are For You

Europeans have always led the fashion scene, and from outrageous fashions to what is truly formal in style and fit, they often set the style. Men’s slim fit dress shirts are very수원셔츠룸popular in Europe, and designed to follow the body’s contours and are often ideal for the athletically built man. On the other hand, a more robustly built man may find that the slim fit does not accentuate their best features and may be more comfortable in a loose or regular fit dress shirt.

When some men order custom-made shirts they tend to take an inch off here or there in order to achieve a “slim fit” but that is not how it should be done to achieve the best results. Instead exact measurements should be given to the tailoring company and then slim fit options chosen which will result in a shirt that follows the body’s contours and doesn’t billow out at the waist but also doesn’t look as if the man is threatening to burst through the shirt’s buttons either.

A well chosen dress shirt can accentuate a man’s best features and should not overwhelm the overall effect by being too tight, or billowing out at the back due to pleating or being too loose and swallowing the man either. A very slender framed man ordering a custom dress shirt may want to avoid styles that feature pleats at the back as these are designed to allow for extra room and sometimes create a rumpled or baggy look in the back that defeats the purpose of a custom dress shirt.

Robustly built men may want to choose a regular or loose fit shirt to ensure a little extra room. Again, it is important that exact measurements be given the tailoring company and then the fit applied because an inch or two is added to loose and regular fit shirts to ensure the man has a little more room and comfort in their dress shirt. Shirts with too much extra room may end up making an otherwise well dressed man look like he is much larger than he is and tend to look rumpled if they billow out in the wrong spots.

In almost every case, ordering men’s slim fit dress shirts will be easiest and the results most satisfactory when the purchaser inputs their exact measurements and then applies the slim, regular or loose fit because custom shirts are made to fit them, unlike off the rack choices. Slim fit is best for the man with the slender or athletic build but some larger men may choose this option if they feel it fits their style or comfort better.

Whether a man is ordering his own dress shirts, or a loved one has decided to give them this ultimate personalized gift, the option exists with good custom shirt companies, to take a well fitted shirt and either take measurements from it, or to send it in and avoid having to measure at all. This makes the process of getting a uniquely fitted exquisitely styled custom shirt easier than ever. Online ordering has made getting men’s slim fit dress shirts easier and more affordable than ever before.