How to Select a Ladies Corporate Gift

Times are changing, the glass ceiling has some growing cracks in it, and more and more decision makers in business are women, so selecting the right ladies corporate gift is as important as any other element of your marketing strategy.

Finding suitable ladies corporate gifts has always been a challenge, but with some planning and by avoiding silly mistakes, you can make the presentation of corporate executive gifts to ladies without any worry other than how many times the recipient will say “Thank You.”

When it comes to selection of the ladies corporate gifts, it is vital that the product is something that they would buy themselves, is of a colour that will accessorise one of their outfits and would not look out of place in a designer handbag or on an executive desk.

You should never give ladies corporate gifts that are packed in low end boxes that look like they came from the local store, and neither should whatever ladies corporate gift you select have huge amounts of branding on them.

Picture the scene, you have selected a beautiful fine nappa leather notebook wallet as a ladies corporate gifts in a fabulous pink colour, you present it to your client as a thank you or as a Christmas gift, and on opening the see that you have carefully embossed onto the cover “Seasons Greeting from Harry’s Office Cleaning Service”

Let’s face it, that beautiful ladies corporate gifts is never going to get used by anyone other than the kids, and your attempt to thank an important client had ended up with her thinking you have no idea what you are doing.

My opinion is that if you are giving away a relatively valuable ladies corporate gift, the recipient is never going to forget you anyway, so branding it heavily is really unnecessary.

I recommend that if the ladies corporate gift is for instance a beautiful leather accessory, why not subtly add their initials, when they open the ladies corporate gift and see the extra effort you have gone to, they will keep the gift, use it and never forget where it came from.

Completing the process of giving a ladies corporate gift is all about how you present it and how it is wrapped. Always choose ladies corporate gifts that have a retail brand where possible, make sure they are lavishly gift boxed and are presented in gift bags, and don’t forget a hand written card with a personal message for every gift that you give.

There is a as much an art of ladies corporate gift giving a there is of ladies corporate gifts gebizcorporate gift choosing, so having taken so much trouble to find the perfect gift, its important to make sure that when you present the ladies corporate gift you do so in a way that is as elegant as the ladies corporate gift itself.

Ideally, having followed the advice to beautifully wrap the ladies corporate gift complete with presentation box, tissue wrap, gift card and hand written message, all you need to do is pick the right moment and hand over the ladies corporate gift without making a big deal about it so as not to cause any embarrassment.

The goodwill that you will created by selecting the right ladies corporate gifts is immense, and if you choose wisely from some of the fabulous brands available, you do not need to break the bank either.