Online Killing Games That Supply Entertainment and Thrills

Killing Games include a lot of bloodshed caused due to gun shots, bomb explosions, and fights using knives, fists, and much more. Yet, all these actually make the online killing games more interesting and also more sought after games. Listed below are some of the killing games that you would be more than happy to check out.

  • Mass Mayhem 2: Mass Mayhem 2 is a great killing game where the gamer has to kill to earn points. The gamer can kill as people as possible with all the different weapons provided during the game. Some of the most effective and also the most devastating weapons available in this game are the rocket launchers and the suicide bombs.
  • Stab: One of the craziest online games available. In this game you are inside your own house. You need to look around for a knife and use it to stab as many people as possible. You will do good to stab everybody that you see on your screen. So start stabbing.
  • Mother Judgement: A fast paced game where you can use the A, D and W keys to move around and also jump if need be. You can also use the mouse in orde เว็บบอล r to aim and fire at all the zombies who have gone insane and are a probable upcoming threat.
  • Suicide Kittens: Suicide is not a good idea in real life but in this online game it definitely is a great source of fun and entertainment. You have to try to shoot yourself by allowing the bullets to deflect according to your choice. However, don’t be slow as you have been allotted a definite time to carry out your crazy business.
  • Desolation 2: In this action packed game you have to reach to the helicopter that is at the top of the building. It is not just climbing the stairs but combating and killing the scary creatures awaiting you as you go up. Be quick and also be alert.

Try out the above mentioned online killing games and check out for yourself the excitement factor and the thrill therein.

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