Wife Goes Crazy Playing Bejeweled Online Free

It’s true. I believe my wife has actually gone crazy for the game of Bejeweled. Ok, I admit, she hasn’t gone crazy literally that is, but, if playing bejeweled seemingly every break in the day that she could possibly get, qualifies as “crazy”…then I believe that calling my wife “crazy” may actually be an understatement.

But of course I say that with a little bit of sarcastic humor and maybe even a bit of jealousy. For it seems my wife has found a very good way to release all the tensions of the day by just playing a few games of bejeweled online for free. And I have to admit it, this game can literally dazzle you to death with all the creative sounds and bright colored gems that endlessly fall and explode with a sense of accomplishment and amusement all at the same time.

It is kind of funny, for my wife, bless her heart, 2 years ago probably didn’t know the first thing about the computer or that you could actually play games like bejeweled online and compete and socialize with other players. But now she is a casual game socialite and Bejeweled playing “Wonder Woman” on the internet.

I believe she has become a computer expert in less than a year. So if you know anyone that needs to brush up on their computer skills, just introduce them to Bejeweled Online, and soon you’ll have someone telling you how to upload pictures, chat with friends, and play games all at the same time.

Every once in a while I’ll be watching TV or something similar and after what seemed to be a very long time, I’ll wonder what happened to my wife. She was here a little while ago wasn’t she? I say to myself. And sure enough I’ll find her seemingly the most content of the day located in the back room playing bejeweled online for free.

Ok, I admit it, I play it to. How could I not? I had to figure out what my wife seemed to find so enjoyable and relaxing at the same time. So after playing a couple times, I think I figured out what the attraction is…Playing bejeweled online can take you briefly out of the most boring day of reality and into a world of online gaming that has a “carnival” type atmosphere so amusing that it reminds me of going to the county fair.

Bejeweled Online has all the wild colors, noises, character voices, and 바카라사이트nuances that you see at county fairs. Then you throw in that voice that you here as you play bejeweled saying, “good” in a low rumbled voice that gives you a sense of positive feedback that would rival your own dad’s best affirmation, and you have a game that you can’t help but keep playing again and again.